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Jane F. McCarthy
All the Rest of Her Days

Jane McCarthy’s novel is about human responses to

sadness and joy

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Jane’s novel is available at: Amazon.com - click for paperback or Kindle Island Books - Middletown, RI

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I live in Narragansett, Rhode Island and am willing to travel reasonable distances for book signings and discussion groups. Jane
“Wonderfully crafted and beautifully written, this is a tale certain to engage and enthrall."
"All the Rest of Her Days is a poignant and provocative tale that touches our hearts as well as our minds. Jane McCarthy's epic-like, multi-generational saga confronts its characters with difficult choices that challenge their sensibilities in a way that's every bit the equal of such genre stalwarts as Judith Guest and Alice Hoffman. Wonderfully crafted and beautifully written, this is a tale certain to engage and enthrall." Jon Land
December 2nd, 9AM - 3 PM, Christmas Festival, Msgr. Clark School, Narragansett, RI All events will have a wide variety of gift items for sale.
I have always been an avid reader preferably accompanied by a cold glass of Pinot Grigio. As a Registered Nurse I learned much about the human response to sadness and joy. Friendships are important to me. I admire loyalty, integrity and a sense of humor which are the framework of who I am. I rarely say “No” to a request especially if it comes from one of my three daughters or from my seven grandchildren. My husband and I have travelled extensively. I began writing in my 60s when a cousin in Ireland relayed her life story about her adopted son. I turned my cousin’s true story into a fictionalized novel, All the Rest of Her Days. The work is rich with detail: Maggie, the main character, is courageous, a survivor and self -reliant.—attributes to which I aspire.
Maggie's strength comes through in each chapter. Her love of family, her acceptance of loss and her acknowledgement of guilt are threaded throughout the novel. People write about what they know and I have infused characteristics which I admire such as self- reliance and being a survivor into Maggie. Subsequently, I have adapted some of Maggie's strengths that came out in the writing such as acceptance and acknowledgement. Currently, I am writing a second novel. In this one, however, the main character is male. I look forward to seeing how he develops. Perhaps I’ll see some of me in him. I’m looking forward to the continuing conversations I have with myself as the story develops. Click here to see my book signing calendar.


I’m working on a second novel —
Two young men, a German, Karl Baum, and a wounded American soldier, John Conway, encounter each other during WWII. This is their story. For John Conway, signing up for the war was his duty but once he arrived in Europe in 1943 duty became treacherous as death was a daily reminder of his mortality. Karl Baum lived in a village in southeast Germany where the sounds of war were his daily reminder of death and destruction. Karl comes upon a wounded John and brings him home in an attempt to heal his wounds. What happens is an extraordinary story of two lives caught up in war,